Cycling The Lower Danube. Euro Velo 6. After the cycling

Next up on the way home was Bucharest.  Quite drab.  Difficult to find somewhere to eat either dinner or breakfast. The places we did find were excellent, though quite upmarket.  Most of the city singularly uncommercialised though busy and with major traffic and parking problems.

We were struck by Ceausescu’s massive parliamentary building / palace, which now has the contemporary art museum   in a small part of it. It is said to be the largest building in Europe.  That museum, and the Romanian art and European Art museums were beautifully done but had almost no visitors. We outnumbered the guards about 10:1.




Then by overnight train to Budapest, which by contrast was thoroughly westernised and tourist orientated and quite delightful.  The Danube even seemed a little less overwhelming here.






IMG_2362 IMG_2363

Must go back to Budapest.  If only for the fantastic coffee and cakes.



And so back upstream, glimpsing the Danube at Vienna, Passau, and crossing it for the last time at Regensburg.

Must do that last bit to the Black Sea some time.

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