Cycling the Lower Danube. Eurovelo 6. Day 9

Day 9 doesn’t seem to have been a day when I used the camera.  So here’s a word picture:

Geese, frogs, storks, goats, sheep, cows, turkeys, donkeys, horses. One wooden tyred cart. Dangerous high-fiving kids. Chances to speak English, German, French, Spanish. Old men interested in what we were doing. Coffee and coke to keep us going. Café with plastic garden chairs all split in the middle of the back. Snakes and badgers as road-kill. Lizards.   Road today mostly on the ridges – Danube in distance. Large fields. Some open pasture with herds of goats, sheep, geese. Tiny frogs. Lots of electricity poles topped by storks nests. And sparrows lodging in the lower levels, chattering constantly. Storks with babies overflow the nest. Donkeys, shaggy and brown. Donkeys, old, grey. Almost all horses brown. Few cuckoos today. A little bit of fly-tipping but not as much as further west.  Zimnicea, where we stopped for the night, is at the Southernmost point of the Danube. Industry and a ferry. Land of ancient bicycles and slow cycling  – or new bikes woefully ill-adapted to their riders. Kids on their Dad’s crossbar. Roma kids more wrapped up. Ducks geese and turkeys all had little ones – being given lessons in road crossing.

Never sure how many guests there might be at the hotels we stay at – which nonetheless seem to have a huge staff. Are they subsidised ? How do they live ? Towns often have grand central squares ill looked-after – and really nice kids’ playgrounds and parks – but no-one cuts the grass.   Temperature maybe 35 deg C at end of afternoon.

Generally, swallows, martins, sparrows, rooks, jackdaws,cuckoos, stock doves, kestrels, a buzzard (maybe) , pigeons, storks, cranes, herons, blackbirds, and larks.

Fishermen with long amateurish poles.   Excellent grilled perch for dinner.

Wind steady from the West.

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