Cycling the Lower Danube. Euro Velo 6. Day 10

Much the same as yesterday for the cycling – though there were more trees alongside the road and in long lines leading down to the distant river.  The area felt slightly more prosperous, maybe because we had entered a different administrative area, or maybe because it’s nearer to the capital, Bucharest.

We arrived at Giurgiu, which was to be our final cycling destination.  It’s a larger town than any we had stayed in since getting off the sleeper in Belgrade.  And had some imposing buildings for the local administration – designed to be intimidating and to radiate power.


The two blocks closest to the roundabout, the brown and the white, are the unwelcoming face of local government and tax collection.  What is interesting too, in this and the next picture, is the unfinished  building behind.  This wasn’t a construction site, it was abandoned.  Not, like some we saw, after being used as factory, offices, or flats, but left unfinished.  There were a couple of commercial occupiers on the ground floor, but the rest – unused for years.  Contrast with the completed adjacent block of flats below.




And then, what could have been a Norwegian stave church just along the way from the previous pictures.  Unfortunately it was in the grounds of a hospital so we couldn’t  investigate.


We booked our train tickets to Bucharest at what is said to be the oldest station building in Romania – and very pretty it was.   Having Bromptons, and making sure they were folded and covered, we had no trouble with getting bikes on trains, something we had been told was difficult if not impossible in Romania.  The suggestion that you have to reserve in advance to go on a train is also, it seems, not true for local trains, though long-distance and particularly, international trains, do seem to need advance booking.

Although this was where our cycling the Danube Cycle Route finished, there is more, as we nipped across the river to the  Bulgarian town of Russe (formerly Rustchuk) and then trained home via Bucharest and Budapest.  See the next couple of posts, to follow.


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