Cycling the Lower Danube. Eurovelo 6. Day 8



This is the most popular location for stork nests.  In some villages a nest on almost every electricity pole.  By this day, the eggs had begun to hatch, and the nestling’s heads poked out of the scruffy bundle of sticks.  Note too, the large number of smaller birds, mostly sparrows, who have taken up residence in the lower storeys of the nest.

Scenery and villages very similar to previous days – fields full of people working, horse and donkey carts, kids wanting high 5s, old people sitting outside their houses.   But also some huge fields of solar collectors, presumably pumping loads of electricity into the grid, given the bright sunshine all day.  I noticed later that flat areas in Hungary and Austria have such fields too, and even one not far North of London, seen from the train on the very last leg of this journey.


Outside the villages, the fields were flat, though the roadsides were again thick with wildflowers.


After lunch in the rather lacklustre town of Corabia, where the service in one of the two cafes was so hostile we opted for the other for our meal,  we cycled on to Turnu Magurele, a larger town.  We stayed in the hotel, and had the following views from our room.  As well as the magnificent church you can see, to its left, the kind of building which we found in almost every town and village – either half-finished, or half demolished.  Side by side with well-maintained buildings.  Overall, Romania seemed The Unfinished Country.  New buildings unfinished, old buildings only partially demolished, and almost nowhere did we find a hotel or pension where everything in the room was unbroken – although the showers always worked and produced at least luke-warm water, it was a rare place where you could affix the shower head to the wall-fitting, or the shower curtain, if it existed, prevented the floor from flooding.




Round the front, magnificent, if slightly illusory, towers, and thunder clouds.


Oh, and more storks and their brood.  Beginning to overflow the nest.


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