Cycling the Lower Danube. Euro Velo 6. Day 6.

From near Calafat in Romania to near Vidin in Bulgaria there is a wonderful new bridge, which not only has the usual carriageways and train track but an adequate cycle track.  What a pleasure to cross the river without taking one’s life in one’s hands.



IMG_2293 IMG_2294

Vidin at once seemed more prosperous than anywhere we had been to in Romania, although Bulgaria is said to be the poorest country in the EU.  There were shops (including German supermarkets) and cafes and pleasant tree lined boulevards.   Many of the roads in the city were being resurfaced.

Our favourable impression of Bulgaria was enhanced by a really good truck stop cafe between Vidin and Lom.  The only one we saw. And right by the river !




The stork above was unusual, having chosen to build its nest on a house, rather than an electricity pole. (See later entries when they come.) No chicks yet.

That evening, we came to Lom

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