Cycling the Lower Danube. Euro Velo Route 6. Day 4 Part 2.

Despite the lorries, we arrived at Severin unscathed, except mentally.  Much of the town is new, not this time because of the dam, but some heavy damage during WWII.  It was bigger and more lively than the small towns and villages we had passed through or stayed in so far, and here we saw the first signs of other tourists than those on bicycles.  The town has an old water tower, now converted into a gallery and view point – and it was free.



In the distance you see a bend in the river – from East it turns South for a while.

There were also identifiable shops (elsewhere they seemed to exist without any advertising or, in many cases, a desire to sell anything.  The shop below sold these amazing paper garlands, but for what purpose we couldn’t tell.


In the evening, many of the townsfolk walked up and down a newish promenade (inland, and at right angles to the river) where there were bars and fast food caravans.  The promenade up and down a main street came to be a regular feature of our evenings in the larger towns.  A family activity, it seemed.  We had dinner at a pizzeria (ubiquitous – almost everywhere would provide pizza and pasta, though the pizza in particular was highly variable).  I asked a local chap who had shown an interest in our bikes about a bike repair shop – we needed a replacement pedal – and he forthwith rang a mate who turned up at our guest-house the next morning, changed the pedal, serviced the bikes, and charged a remarkably small fee.

Our Pensiune was comfortable, but at first none of the lights in our room worked.  It did, however, have this amazing ceramic stove in the corner, left from before the original rooms were divided up, I would guess.


And it had a mulberry bush in the courtyard.



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