Cycling the Lower Danube. Euro Velo 6. Day 3 part 2.

An apology to start with. Word Press, who host this blog, have made some disimprovements which mean the pictures are smaller and not as sharp  But maybe if you click on the picture you can get an enlarged version.

There were pleasures large and small along the way:


We rescued this little chap trying to cross the road – took his picture then airlifted him to the far side.


The were wider pools on the river, one of which must have been the Kazan, or cauldron, which so impressed Patrick Leigh Fermor. Now, of course, it’s drowned in the lake created by the Iron Gorge dam.IMG_2262


Around lunchtime, we came across signs for a pension, accommodation and restaurant.  Needing the latter, we scaled a dirt track to find a brand new building, complete with swimming pool, sun loungers, and some rather surprised staff who nonetheless produced us a delicious lunch of polenta and bacon, goat cheese, tomatoes and bread.  It seemed to be part of the sporadic EU funded improvements to the tourist infrastructure – very welcome but we still found ourselves the only guests or diners in several of these establishments.


The  view upstream


And  downstream.


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