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On the ‘L’ in Chicago.

May 27, 2014

On the 'L' in Chicago.

The most unusual thing about this photo is that there isn’t a train on the crossing. Usually, there is more than one a minute. An amazing 100 plus year old metro system at second floor level.


May 23, 2014

John Gilham can usually be found at the Spoken Word Open Mic, at the Exhibition pub, Bootham, York, on the first Tuesday of every month, from 7.30pm, and also at the Golden Ball, Cromwell Road, Bishiophill, York on the second Wednesday of each month, for the Speakers’ Corner Open Mic, from 8pm.



May 23, 2014

“London Belongs to Me” is the title of a 700-page novel by Norman Collins, first published in 1945 and re-published in Penguin Classics in 2008.  It’s Dickensian in its range of characters and detail of location, though not in its social purpose, and is set before and during World War II.  The milieu is South London, amongst what then would be called the lower middle classes, portrayed in all their variety, eccentricity, and with all their vices and virtues on display.  Astonishingly good.

Back in Action

May 19, 2014

At last the bugs have gone ! So more posts soon.  Apologies for hiatus to any readers.