More London Delights

The main purpose of the visit was to attend a concert at the Purcell Room, part of the London Jazz Festival.  Ketil Bjornstad and Kari Bremnes  presented a storming performance of their versions of texts and lyrics by the painter Edvard Munch.  Apparently his literary output was hidden for many years and has only recently been studied.  Bjornstad’s inventive and varied compositions (played on solo piand – the CD has a larger group of musicians) were perfectly complemented by Kari Bremnes’ mature and powerful vocals.  Absolutely stunning.

And on the way, there was the view from Hungerford Bridge


EArlier, I visited the Princess Louise, on Holborn.  It’s a Sam Smith’s pub with a Grade II listed 1891 interior, split up into small bars and booths, plus a larger room at the back.  Downstairs, it is equally wonderful.



And then there is G E Watts’ Memorial to Heroic Self Sacrifice in Postman’s Park.  For example:

George Stephen Funnell
Police Constable
Dec 22 1899
In a fire at the Elephant & Castle, Wick Road Hackney Wick, after rescuing two lives went back into the flames, saving a barmaid at the risk of his own life


John Cranmer Cambridge
Aged 23 a clerk in the London County Council
Who was drowned near Ostend whilst saving the life of a stranger and a foreigner
August 8, 1901

Text of all the tablets here:

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